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April 2017

Broken Home to God’s Hope

Why All the Fuss About Easter?

The Hard & Important Work of Waiting

This moment, this place, this church

March 2017

Our Whys and His Higher Ways

Too Good For God

Still The Same

February 2017

Jars of Clay

When Life is Hard: Handling Challenges

A Heart For The Father

A Father’s Heart

January 2017

Transformation Journey: All Your Needs

Transformation Journey: Stand Firm and You Will See

Transformation Journey: What is that in your hand?

Transformation Journey: What God Directs, God Protects

December 2016

Encounters With Angels: Hope Arrives

Encounters With Angels: Approval Offered

Encounters With Angels: Identity Restored

Encounters With Angels: Hope Realized

November 2016

Be Part of the Solution